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Competence and professionalism to meet every need.

Advices for solving problems and developing solutions for innovation

The increasingly global market is a risk but above all an opportunity. The presence of new competitors is offset by the possibility of reaching previously unthinkable customer segments. Focusing on innovation is key to averting risks and securing opportunities for new global markets .


Efesto, thanks to a team that combines a consolidated experience in research of new materials, with a culture of innovation and devoted to innovation, is the ideal partner for the development of new materials and improvement of those already offered. Thanks to a strong attitude towards problem solving and a philosophy oriented towards productivity, we can help you solve problems and unforeseen events.

Efesto has the tools to support you in every situation , whether it's component breakdowns in unexpected circumstances, elements that degrade unexpectedly, that you want to deepen the knowledge of your propotypes before placing them in market or improve the characteristics of a product already on the market.

Preparation of company laboratories for research and development

Efesto is available to companies that want to develop laboratories and internal R & D facilities. We offer advice to help you identify the best equipment for your purposes and assist you in designing new facilities. Last but not least, we take care of the staff training to put you in a position to operate the tools independently.

Continuous assistance

The activity of every business is naturally unpredictable. Many small problems remain commonly shelved, although they may be important warning lights. In these cases it is essential to recognize these signals, however, the expenses for highly specialized personnel or the request for continuous consultancy would not be sustainable. Efesto, allows you to continuously use a direct channel with specialists in materials science and technology, to provide direct and timely assistance for any of your needs.



Efesto ( Ἥφαιστος, Hēphaistos) in greek mythology is the god of fire, forges, engineering, sculpture and metallurgy.

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